Korea Nude Camera Girl Park Nima

In Feb 25, 2013, a Sex-Scandal.Us post on the Internet with a video of a sexy Korean camera girl was widely shared and forwarded by the China Netizens. It was initially suspected to be a TV host/announcer, Park Nima (박니마) / Piao Nima (朴妮唛) .Anyway, send more interesting pics and videos sex scandal (of individuals 18 year-old or older) to info(at)asianscandal.net. Click on pictures to enlarge. Sourse: http://www.asianscandal.net

KW7142 Korea Sexy Camera Girl Park Nima 朴妮唛

Park Nima Collection: Park NimaKorea Nude Camera Girl Park NimaHowever, according to the Koreans counterpart, Park Nima does not exist. There isn’t any announcers with the name Park Nima in either KBS, MBC, Mnet or Arirang TV. Well, we didn’t fall for it as the video looked very much like some sort of adult paid camera service to us.
Korea Nude Camera Girl Park Nima
Korea Nude Camera Girl Park Nima

Download Korea Nude Camera Girl Park Nima

Update on January 12, 2015

Full Download Park_Nima Folder

Park Nima Collection – Sexy Nude Camera Girl Vol 01-28 (Beautiful Nude Girl)
Update vol 29-30 : http://asianscandal.net/2014/03/17/park-nima-collection-sexy-nude-camera-girl-vol-2930/

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